Design as Art by Bruno Munari, Penguin Books, Baltimore, MD, 1971. I’ve been meaning to get a copy of this classic book for years. Finally scored one in Chicago yesterday at a 25 cent book sale.

"Keep Your Head" Art by Joe McHugh (1967)

1964 German poster for THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (Robert Wiene, Germany, 1920)
Designer: Karl Oskar Blase (b. 1925)
Poster source:
See more posters by Karl Oskar Blase at Movie Poster of the Week on MUBI.

Collaboration work between painter Leonora Carrington & Alexandro Jodorowsky in Mexico, 1957.
I’ll be playing records at the Aislers Set show at Holocene this evening. Should be fun!
Young London Permissive ParadiseFrank Habicht
Happy Tsukimi!